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7 Aside Fundraising Tournament

7 Aside Fundraising Tournament



It was a beautiful Saturday morning as we all gathered at Kensington Primary School for the tournament. With teams coming as far as Hammasdale and the North West ,the atmosphere was pleasant and it was amazing to see the Under 15’s in their kits and ready to battle it out on the soccer field.

Amongst us at the event was PSL’s Fhatuwani Mpfuni,PSL players Kermit Erasmus,Mame Niang,Ronwen Williams,Lennox Bacela to name a few as well as Tim Sukazi of QT Sports.It was quite a challenging tournament for we had FC Heroes who were playing very well but they had to leave early so they had to drop out of the tournament.We also had Killarney Motswako and Young Draft Masters FC who were made up of boys that were under 10 years old however they also played very well and showed a lot discipline.

Our winner on the day was Protea Real Hearts got away with the winning prize as they won all their games throughout the tournament and Godfrey 11 were the runners up. The winners got themselves sports equipment worth R2500 and the runners up got sports equipment worth R1250.The event was mainly about Doug WhiteHead School and it was amazing to see children without disabilities getting along very well with disabled children. Mark Holland the Principal of Laer School Kensington was pleased to see the huge turn out that we had on Saturday and he has offered us the sports ground for our future tournaments. Teacher Patrick of Doug Whitehead Special School expressed his gratitude torwards I’MPossible together with Thabo September Foundation for all the donations that were given to them.

I would like to thank e-Shibobo as well as Love PSL for coming through to cover the event for us.We would like to thank Kaya FM,Metro FM,Power FM as well as Soweto TV for their continued support.

Our sponsors, I’Mpossible,Fitchefs,RSC and Jeep Centurion, were also impressed with the wonderful work that we are doing and we will continue to work together making things possible for the less priviledged than us.

I would like to thank everyone young and old that came through to support the event,Together we can make a difference says Thabo September.

Please visit the gallery to view pictures of the Tournament.


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